26 de septiembre de 2015

2nd. The New Pope, Francis.

Whatever the Church thinks or decides, Francis' followers are millions all around the world, not only seing him as the classical figure of Head and Holy Spirit's reflection, but also as a common person that is able to wash feet during a mass in a prison without any problem. He tryies to reflect that image of himself and he does. That is said about him and it seems so, even for his 'enemies' (such as other monotheist religions or fellows who has always questioned Catholic movements every time with reasons or not.)
That is the case of some Protestant very orthodox branches which had to adopt a more tolerant position now that this Pope is going to face with the most escandalous cases of corruption.
At least, one case is won: the pederast American bishop who didn't obey the Pope and was inmediately 'fired' from its position (he was even not allowed to preach in a hole mass.) This is a precedent for the whole Catholic Church. Francis I has personally answered to some personal letters about such scandalous behaviours within the church, but only one person is not enough for the thousands of pilled cases these past decades.
The last famous words of Francis I are 'Pray for me.' He means that he is dealing with too much work and that he needs an extra stamina for any kind of human, world or spiritual force that every day arises, just because he works every day and takes a meal at St. Marta's House with his friends at tea time. Then, dressed with common habits, he walks around the Vatican to do his everyday job, for he is not allowed to go out at any time and mix with people in the streets, like he did in Buenos Aires, Argentina, years ago.

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