9 de octubre de 2015

3rd, The New Pope, Francis.

In the 1st and 2nd texts, I had talked about my thoughts about the Pope Francis since I had read a very good article from the National Geographic magazine about his life and his new role in the Catholic Church and the Vatican State. I also emphasized he was going to make an effort for new changes take place in matter of moralism, reform, family, same sex marriage's attitude (no changes, but tolerance) and priests' compulsory condition of celibate.
New readings have forced me to change my idea about Mr Bergoglio. 
One day before the meeting for family affairs or the Sinodous for the Family was going to take place, the chief of the very old 'Inquisition,' that is to say, the one that is related with Faith, Krzysztof Charamsa, officially announced that he was in love with another man. He did have a homosexual relationship, and he openly told the World 'he knew very honest and good gay couples like him' in the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera.
At the same time, the Pope had made a meeting with Kim Davis (a US clerck who doesn't want to marry gay couples.) I don't question whether she was right or not. I think she has that option, but what about the Pope? Then, he also met some gay friends, it's said. 
Behind all these facts, there's a letter signed by Mr R. Varela (Spanish upper class bishop) among other bishops and followers, which tries to modify Pope Francisco's attitude towards a close and orthodox fixed conservative position. There are other conservative and non-conservative movements inside the church and outside it, so there is too much expectation and pressure on Francisco's movements, words or thoughts. The strongest one is the one from the Church itself, for sure, but will the Roman Curia be more important than faith or will the catholic peoples' weight be stronger than any personal commandment and finally decide what Jesus' actual way is? 
Most people think there's no chance: there will be no changes, it's said. 
Anyways, the Vatican itself is changed since Francis I became Pope. It is a similar situation, seen back in time, like when Pope John XXIII made the New Concilium Vatican 2nd (still running.)

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