29 de abril de 2013

A Poem for Culture is alive.

St. Juan de la Cruz and Us


Hear my silence,
In yours,
Breath with us,
This silence, for it's not alone,
Since the Music of Nature,
Is within us, all our lifes.
Let us, friends of the Words, and the Earth, sing together the songs we know...
... From that double Fountain pouring,
Is it God, is it not?
I'm not alone, you're not alone.

The end.


This is a mixture of some verses from St. Juan de la Cruz poems, which I understand to be not clear even nowadays. I dedicate the poem specially to Juan Carlos Ortega, a special Radio friend and artist from this Post-Modern Era -21st century- and to his more and more TV and Radio creativity fascination he's making on me and many others.
We don't know each other, some of us believe in God, others don't, others are just TV screenwriters or just followers and spectators like me. We just have got something in common, but I do not know how to describe that thing Mr Ortega is making us to believe in: Friendship,     Art and web friendship as well, new-cultural 'petit-Renaissance' -because our bigger interest on Arts and Culture?
Like in St. Juan de la Cruz's life, there's no university, no master, just commonwealth and good feelings, Radio, Web, TV and books.
The inner process is natural, positive but well-established and without ending. It's written in English for I love this Language, and because I believe English, together with Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese should help us spread new-culture around Western civilization.
It may seem a nonsense, I know, but it's also a fifty-fifty, a half-reality, so it cannot said to be false. Best Regards to all my readers and non-readers!


'LMI' TV PROGRAMME in Spanish.

Entrada destacada

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