26 de septiembre de 2015

2nd. The New Pope, Francis.

Whatever the Church thinks or decides, Francis' followers are millions all around the world, not only seing him as the classical figure of Head and Holy Spirit's reflection, but also as a common person that is able to wash feet during a mass in a prison without any problem. He tryies to reflect that image of himself and he does. That is said about him and it seems so, even for his 'enemies' (such as other monotheist religions or fellows who has always questioned Catholic movements every time with reasons or not.)
That is the case of some Protestant very orthodox branches which had to adopt a more tolerant position now that this Pope is going to face with the most escandalous cases of corruption.
At least, one case is won: the pederast American bishop who didn't obey the Pope and was inmediately 'fired' from its position (he was even not allowed to preach in a hole mass.) This is a precedent for the whole Catholic Church. Francis I has personally answered to some personal letters about such scandalous behaviours within the church, but only one person is not enough for the thousands of pilled cases these past decades.
The last famous words of Francis I are 'Pray for me.' He means that he is dealing with too much work and that he needs an extra stamina for any kind of human, world or spiritual force that every day arises, just because he works every day and takes a meal at St. Marta's House with his friends at tea time. Then, dressed with common habits, he walks around the Vatican to do his everyday job, for he is not allowed to go out at any time and mix with people in the streets, like he did in Buenos Aires, Argentina, years ago.

23 de septiembre de 2015

1st. The New Pope, Francis.

I hadn't read a serious and deep description of the Pope, the head of the Catholic church around the world, and the Vatican City-State's representative until today. It was in an extense article by National Geographic's digital magazine.
The article describes the Pope from his own words, his main assistant's and some of his colleagues words, too.
I'm just going to underline that he is actually a new, relevant and different representant of his religion. According to the text, he has changed some people from the Vatican, for the Pope has had too many representatives and his power was not executed directly. This was the 20th Century most critized Vatican problem, among many others (child abuse worldwide, money irregularities, liberal theologists banned  and hundreds more.) Some news about him washing jailed prisoners' foot, living and eating everyday in common and public Vatican places (like St. Marta's House) are true. He doesn't like richness and feels better among a group of friends while having lunch between middle-class or among any others from the Holy Country.
This doesn't mean that he is all day long outside, like he used to do in Argentina. On the contrary, he thinks what he is going to do next, what consequences can derive from every action, but, at the same time, he is an emotional sensible man.
Though old Cathecism rules do not seem to be very transformed, some orthodox methods are on their way of extinction.
He won't move rules about same-sex unions, but he won't criticize them. At the same time, he will make some little attacks on homophobia: He asks himself and all the Catholics: 'Who am I to judge a gay relationship?' It happens the same with others controversial old rules, like with divorced couples which were not clear if they coulf have the Holy Communion --when they divorce wasn't completely nulled--. His attitude is open toward this.

17 de septiembre de 2015

Poem: Noble North (East Anglia.)

Noble North

East Anglia Landscape View
Noble Northern people of mine,
From two huge Islands; the sea, the trees,
Tradition of words and smiles,
Open spaces, fresh cold air.

Mixed bloods from Europe, entire,
Far from those Roman ruines,
With those fields in Green,
Gentle faces, woods, smokes.

Onced we shared tea, a sandwich,
And then, in the fields we played,
Near the courts, on the grass & sands, some leaves,
No matter if we falt down, no hurt,
The sun was smooth, near the beach.

In our bikes, into forest,
Smiling and joking, 'this way,'
The vegetation and the sand; blond sand,
Have you ever seen this? 'That way'
I hadn't seen Nature like that.

Tennis, boats, sounds of past,
And the sea, valuable gold,
You knew how to treat well.

East Anglia Landscape View

16 de septiembre de 2015

Bilateral Relationships between the USA and Spain.

Today I've been watching the interview the King of Spain, Felipe 6th, had with President Mr Obama.
I was waiting to listen for a mistake from the translator, but I remember she was an interpreter as well. I think perhaps she din't want to be very accurate and to avoid hard words about particular country affairs. We all knew what Mr Obama meant with the strong relationship and with the unified Spain, but, at the same time, we understood the ex-Prince Felipe's words of Liberty, admiration, fortune and faith in the future for Europe, the US and all the world.

This time, I thought he actually was an intelligent reasonable man -no matter what I think about my country and other possible regions or federal regions (for giving Catalonia a neutral position in the conversation.) The main theme was there. I think about it most of the time, and we all are conscious about our own situation.We know it's not easy at all to forget our crisis. It's still here. Like Mr Felipe de Borbón remembered at the end, it's about Spain and Europe (for Europe is also part of this.) That was what made me feel he was in our time, not in the past or in an easy-to-imagine future. Mr Felipe knew it was present, up-to-date, an everyday problem (so it is a strong difference compared with his father, his family and the rest of the upper-class people.)

Though the king Felipe thought the translation wasn't very accurate (for he was listening to every word in English and Spanish) he finally didn't say anything about it. It was the media who did so.
Some people is under pressure when working in such kind of important vis-à-vis talkings, and, I think we musn't forget we are all human beings.
Last day, I saw the documental about the book of Lady Diana of Wales (seen by the biographer and by her elder son, now the Prince.) It's hard to be in front of so many microphones, cameras and all kind of devices, so the fact of being able to talk for the press is nothing coward; quite the opposite.
This has nothing to do with politics but with diplomatic relationships.
It was the first time Queen Letizia and King Felipe 6th visited the US like kings.
The King's attitude wasn't like his fathers' and he understood Obama's position. The was too much expectation on this travel, so let it be.

Suzi 4, The Rolling Stones and Totalitarism.

Last September, I was looking for some good music to listen to, when I heard something I was fascinated for: What it was?
It sounded like an old group of Rock-n-Roll or "Smooth Heavy". It was a rythmic music and a good voice recorded, but I didn't remember it or I had listened to it when I was a child , so I didn't know anything about that group.
They had a very good and modern way of dressing code that could be 90's or even nowadays if Suzie didn't wear that  metal collars and too much black. The drummer was also up-to-date. 
I thought they had all died. I thought 'perhaps they were famous and sold many LPs once a day,' but it was not true. The singer is still alive and was part of the group "Suzie Quatro." 
She's one of the most famous Rock'n'Roll girls. I didn't know anything, for new styles and years have become old-fashioned.

Suzie, the singer, is alive and still living in England. She recognizes it wasn't easy to have a role as a woman in Rock, but I realize she did it better than expected. Perhaps her family (with a father with a very good taste for Arts and who encouraged all the brothers when they were children to have their opportunity singing and making music was an extra point in her favour.)
I'm very happy with this meeting on the Web (not in time or in presence, but it's like this now.) Suzie Quatro is now one of my favourite modern &classical rock musicians-authors and I love her music.
I was writing this post, but had to turn 'youtube' suddenly off. A friend suggestted me to listen to some punk music and I couldn't stand its sound, so I have changed it to The Rolling Stones, which is a kind group I've heard to but never listened to, with detail, before.

The Rollings had a voice they could be proud of. What will be some new radios & TV (called new) be putting on air right now? I sometimes prefer not to know what the vacuum cleaner called Totalitarism Culture of Emptiness (that thing we can only find in the inner space, thousand kilometres away from the Earth) is broadcasting now. There are other channels, but I must pay and the rent is not fair.
I'll talk about of this very used word called Totalitarism in other posts . Jules Verne, e.g., mentioned it many times, for he had reasons to mention it when his time and environment started to change into a manipulated society he had expected.

3 de septiembre de 2015

Part 4th: Music as an Alter Ars. (Clavichord's Sound)

Recordings and Natural 'sound'.
Right now, I'm listening to a very interesting interview the musician and piano-clavichord player Wim Winters (who is doing  new recordings in AuthenticSound Project) made to Philip Newell, who lives in Vigo, Galicia, Spain.
Mr Newell is said to be one of the best technicians of our times, according to the interviewer, for he made recordings of rock and classical music like Mac Oldfield, Queen or Bernstein, amongst many others. 
Just listening to this video, I'm listening to the sounds they make in English and, for the knowledge I have in that language, I realize the recording is a high quality one: Each vowel, sound pattern and sentence is heard clearly. I'm using my earphones and a common computer like most of you must have, so I think some Digital Remastered pieces should be heard like this way.
When I listen or watch a video, the most important thing for me is not only a good quality image (just a clear one) but a high standard in sound.
We have an infinite numbers of digital microphones, mixers and tools, but sometimes the sound is not perceived the same it sounds. When it's changed for sounding better, the result is worst or not what we expected.
They are now explaining accurately how the sound moves in the air (that is what I have notion about, that is, phonetics-phonology.) 
I have used easy computer sound software for Podcasting, but I cannot remember well all the technical concepts. What I recognize is that nowadays, we have forgotten about 'the clear stereo natural sound' I can listen to here. 
Like Philip Newell underlines, it's something that goes with Art... From my point of view, it's something a music lover realizes listening old vinyls and CDs, or even new videos. One knows when the sound is special or not. 
I'm not fond on sound recording, technics or any of these. I'm just a radio listener and I like this. I realize what they say is trueth; like what I have thought for this last decade. There are many kind of new stuff there, but they do not remain the same. 

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Suzi 4, The Rolling Stones and Totalitarism.

Last September, I was looking for some good music to listen to, when I heard something I was fascinated for: What it was? It sounded like...