16 de septiembre de 2015

Bilateral Relationships between the USA and Spain.

Today I've been watching the interview the King of Spain, Felipe 6th, had with President Mr Obama.
I was waiting to listen for a mistake from the translator, but I remember she was an interpreter as well. I think perhaps she din't want to be very accurate and to avoid hard words about particular country affairs. We all knew what Mr Obama meant with the strong relationship and with the unified Spain, but, at the same time, we understood the ex-Prince Felipe's words of Liberty, admiration, fortune and faith in the future for Europe, the US and all the world.

This time, I thought he actually was an intelligent reasonable man -no matter what I think about my country and other possible regions or federal regions (for giving Catalonia a neutral position in the conversation.) The main theme was there. I think about it most of the time, and we all are conscious about our own situation.We know it's not easy at all to forget our crisis. It's still here. Like Mr Felipe de Borbón remembered at the end, it's about Spain and Europe (for Europe is also part of this.) That was what made me feel he was in our time, not in the past or in an easy-to-imagine future. Mr Felipe knew it was present, up-to-date, an everyday problem (so it is a strong difference compared with his father, his family and the rest of the upper-class people.)

Though the king Felipe thought the translation wasn't very accurate (for he was listening to every word in English and Spanish) he finally didn't say anything about it. It was the media who did so.
Some people is under pressure when working in such kind of important vis-à-vis talkings, and, I think we musn't forget we are all human beings.
Last day, I saw the documental about the book of Lady Diana of Wales (seen by the biographer and by her elder son, now the Prince.) It's hard to be in front of so many microphones, cameras and all kind of devices, so the fact of being able to talk for the press is nothing coward; quite the opposite.
This has nothing to do with politics but with diplomatic relationships.
It was the first time Queen Letizia and King Felipe 6th visited the US like kings.
The King's attitude wasn't like his fathers' and he understood Obama's position. The was too much expectation on this travel, so let it be.

Entrada destacada

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