3 de diciembre de 2012

The Universal House of Children's Tales

(English Version)

The Secret Revealed these Christmas: Where Children's

 Tales are written? Santa's message.

Dear children from all over the U.K. and overseas, This letter is for you to know that you are not forgotten these Christmas. It doesn't matter whether your parents or tutors have got money or not -they need it for calling Mr Claus and make an appointment-, for we we'll do the best and continue writing Children's Tales for you all.
We will do it for free, though if you want to send a penny, it will be welcomed.

We've received the visit of Santa, yesterday Sunday, December 2nd 2012. He told us he was  very busy but, sure,  he will continue sending books for you all if you really want to read and enjoy with many new adventures. He declared that 'adults will also receive their books whenever children's books are asked first.'
He also said that he would not send new puppies (cats and dogs) if they are going to be abandoned and do not have the Identification Card of a Family Member's Card.

Before giving us some little presents we had 'a treatment' with us because books are not being very read or sold: He told us where The International House of Books for Children (or Tales' House) was situated. He gave us some clues. You can read them below.


I didn't understand him very much. We offered him some smooth wine with cake of 'Aunt Marple,' but he just drunk a bit and ate all the cake! He insisted on the same again: 'Our Company will work for free, but if parents do not read (coughing) we no longer will have children's books available. Nope! No longer... May I have some more cake?'
- Palace, Queen Victoria, Ruins, Park, Crystal, Great 
Exhibition, 1854, Joseph Paxton.
Merry Christmas to you all!!

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