Suzi 4, The Rolling Stones and Totalitarism.

Last September, I was looking for some good music to listen to, when I heard something I was fascinated for: What it was?
It sounded like an old group of Rock-n-Roll or "Smooth Heavy". It was a rythmic music and a good voice recorded, but I didn't remember it or I had listened to it when I was a child , so I didn't know anything about that group.
They had a very good and modern way of dressing code that could be 90's or even nowadays if Suzie didn't wear that  metal collars and too much black. The drummer was also up-to-date. 
I thought they had all died. I thought 'perhaps they were famous and sold many LPs once a day,' but it was not true. The singer is still alive and was part of the group "Suzie Quatro." 
She's one of the most famous Rock'n'Roll girls. I didn't know anything, for new styles and years have become old-fashioned.

Suzie, the singer, is alive and still living in England. She recognizes it wasn't easy to have a role as a woman in Rock, but I realize she did it better than expected. Perhaps her family (with a father with a very good taste for Arts and who encouraged all the brothers when they were children to have their opportunity singing and making music was an extra point in her favour.)
I'm very happy with this meeting on the Web (not in time or in presence, but it's like this now.) Suzie Quatro is now one of my favourite modern &classical rock musicians-authors and I love her music.
I was writing this post, but had to turn 'youtube' suddenly off. A friend suggestted me to listen to some punk music and I couldn't stand its sound, so I have changed it to The Rolling Stones, which is a kind group I've heard to but never listened to, with detail, before.

The Rollings had a voice they could be proud of. What will be some new radios & TV (called new) be putting on air right now? I sometimes prefer not to know what the vacuum cleaner called Totalitarism Culture of Emptiness (that thing we can only find in the inner space, thousand kilometres away from the Earth) is broadcasting now. There are other channels, but I must pay and the rent is not fair.
I'll talk about of this very used word called Totalitarism in other posts . Jules Verne, e.g., mentioned it many times, for he had reasons to mention it when his time and environment started to change into a manipulated society he had expected.

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