21 de abril de 2017

News about Suzie Quatro.

I was just revising this blog's design and contents. I read again my article about Suzie Quatro.
Fortunatelly, she has been interviewed in Studio 10, acting alive in the 2nd part.
I was afraid she could not reach the standards alive, but finally, she could, afters years being away from the scenario and doing a little effort to take a doctorate in music, apart from being very busy.
I remembered Bonnie Tyler (though it is not the same singer, I know), for both are sharp fighting spirits, that is to say, similar courage singers that know that age is nothing but an advantadge.
Suzie Quatro has a new CD, called QSP, with a long repertoire of new magnificent songs and also a 'book' with the album with the old ones.
She herself is the same woman, older, but the same voice somehow and the clear lady (now married and with many more experiences back, I suppose.) Nice, surprising, funny and someone interesting for the words she says.
Bravo, Suzie! Such a good example for the new generations and such a new look. Go on!
I leave here the main video from the TV she was interviewed for. I hope you rockers love this.

I recommend you fans of good music, to search the Web, specially Youtube: new videos about her  are online. Enjoy them!

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