17 de enero de 2016

Mental or 'Religious Possession'

I was watching a film I thought it was a horror one. It was about horrible nuns' crimes committed in the last 80's and early 90's. I actually was facing with a Documental about a demon's possession and Rome's lectures about how Satanic possession is for them.
I think this is an extreme of a complicated situation (made so by them,too).
 All kind of human and artificial sciences should be considered equally as any other religious methods. The same must be done with psychology, psychiatry, and the other sciences or pseudo sciences (in case they help to achieve a good objective: to help human being or the person suffering from that illness or whatever they have).

Everybody has a past, a social hidden drama (a huge one in this case) and it does not mean they must have been 'possessed', if that exists. They 'think they are possessed' because that was they were told and taught.
Think about this: Do you think if they were not from Latin-Spanish originis, but from other Anglo-Saxon or let's say, Norwegian or completely atheist background, would they do exactly the same? I don't think so. Could have been her subconscious mind together with some drugs or punishment situations she din't liked very much? I just leave a logical idea for reasoning...
Madammes et Monsieurs! It's society! It's money and it is the Religion (or religions, in case we are dealing with any other destructive or  ones)!   Undoubtelly.
Remember Christ and good religions played with LOVE, FORGIVE, and even more things related with positive things we haven't reached, so don't believe anything you watch, see, live or whatsoever: Follow your heart and mind. Follow your natural Spirit and Pray in Liberty!
May God or the Universe, or even the positive force you believe in, helps you all your live!!


Netflix: The Devil Inside. (Insurge Filmes).

12 de enero de 2016

'Bowie's gone to Space'

I had found the entire album in a cassette my aunt had given me one day in the early 90s.
It was a collection of Bowie’s best classical songs. It was one of the first artists and musicians I understood and liked, listened to during autumn and winter time periods, and also shared with my colleagues in high school, when I had my first high speed double tape deck. It took a long time to make some copies, but I used to do my homework while I listened to that sound similar to “The laughing gnome”.
David had an awesome voice, good rhythm and an excellent repertoire, amongst many other unforgettable characteristics I have found recently via Youtube –through some videos I had never seen before, like those about Space Oddity-.
I had also watched a Sci-Fi film where he appeared as a fan's  phenomena (now it would be a super-friky phenomena for a few or perhaps for millions of followers, who knows).
In that movie, vampires, modern computers, special forces and the own UK’s government and its conspiracies took place at the same time. It was a quality good one for the time it was realized. If someone knows what was the title, please, remember me which was its title. Thanks!
Then, the ‘for-ever-in-my-mind’ childhood movie 'Labyrinth' (Jim Henson, 1986) where he holds that baby and cares for him, making his sister to be into a double labyrinth: her own and the unreal one; she and her brother’s love. I think Bowie didn’t expect to be so famous here.
Now, he has gone. He was such an artist! I can’t believe it. Anyways, 'she's got medals!' I listened to his album with enthusiam and delight, though it sounded 'heavy': I think he pronounced a very special English, with accents in its place, whilst the band was marching down the streets of London or any other city. Then, that feeling of being able to synchronize the voice with any instrument, sound, and having the ability for playing with his own image, breaking man vs woman prototypes, was incredible for me, when I watched some videos about Space Odity versions that never were put on TV. Magnificent. I din't know this great man was sick! 'Let's dance', nothing else to say. Rest in peace.

8 de enero de 2016

Poem: "No Galaxies and Wars"

"No Galaxies, No Wars Up There"

No galaxies to discover,
There's only the old world in war, again.
The dust, without mills and no millers,
The horror, corruption and meals (only for the most rich.)

The Greeks and the Romans were all right,
For the effort is no longer such 'effort,'
No Golden, Silver, or even Copper Ages,
It's time for Stones, and Walls, all together!

Words with no sense,
Films and mass media,
Sing and then pray: What a good good world!
But it's not all true: 'C'est ne pas comme ça, c'est ne pas comme ci!'
There's no evolution; it's going back in time.

Dec 2015.

Entrada destacada

Suzi 4, The Rolling Stones and Totalitarism.

Last September, I was looking for some good music to listen to, when I heard something I was fascinated for: What it was? It sounded like...