8 de enero de 2016

Poem: "No Galaxies and Wars"

"No Galaxies, No Wars Up There"

No galaxies to discover,
There's only the old world in war, again.
The dust, without mills and no millers,
The horror, corruption and meals (only for the most rich.)

The Greeks and the Romans were all right,
For the effort is no longer such 'effort,'
No Golden, Silver, or even Copper Ages,
It's time for Stones, and Walls, all together!

Words with no sense,
Films and mass media,
Sing and then pray: What a good good world!
But it's not all true: 'C'est ne pas comme ça, c'est ne pas comme ci!'
There's no evolution; it's going back in time.

Dec 2015.

Entrada destacada

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