17 de septiembre de 2015

Poem: Noble North (East Anglia.)

Noble North

East Anglia Landscape View
Noble Northern people of mine,
From two huge Islands; the sea, the trees,
Tradition of words and smiles,
Open spaces, fresh cold air.

Mixed bloods from Europe, entire,
Far from those Roman ruines,
With those fields in Green,
Gentle faces, woods, smokes.

Onced we shared tea, a sandwich,
And then, in the fields we played,
Near the courts, on the grass & sands, some leaves,
No matter if we falt down, no hurt,
The sun was smooth, near the beach.

In our bikes, into forest,
Smiling and joking, 'this way,'
The vegetation and the sand; blond sand,
Have you ever seen this? 'That way'
I hadn't seen Nature like that.

Tennis, boats, sounds of past,
And the sea, valuable gold,
You knew how to treat well.

East Anglia Landscape View

Entrada destacada

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