3 de septiembre de 2015

Part 4th: Music as an Alter Ars. (Clavichord's Sound)

Recordings and Natural 'sound'.
Right now, I'm listening to a very interesting interview the musician and piano-clavichord player Wim Winters (who is doing  new recordings in AuthenticSound Project) made to Philip Newell, who lives in Vigo, Galicia, Spain.
Mr Newell is said to be one of the best technicians of our times, according to the interviewer, for he made recordings of rock and classical music like Mac Oldfield, Queen or Bernstein, amongst many others. 
Just listening to this video, I'm listening to the sounds they make in English and, for the knowledge I have in that language, I realize the recording is a high quality one: Each vowel, sound pattern and sentence is heard clearly. I'm using my earphones and a common computer like most of you must have, so I think some Digital Remastered pieces should be heard like this way.
When I listen or watch a video, the most important thing for me is not only a good quality image (just a clear one) but a high standard in sound.
We have an infinite numbers of digital microphones, mixers and tools, but sometimes the sound is not perceived the same it sounds. When it's changed for sounding better, the result is worst or not what we expected.
They are now explaining accurately how the sound moves in the air (that is what I have notion about, that is, phonetics-phonology.) 
I have used easy computer sound software for Podcasting, but I cannot remember well all the technical concepts. What I recognize is that nowadays, we have forgotten about 'the clear stereo natural sound' I can listen to here. 
Like Philip Newell underlines, it's something that goes with Art... From my point of view, it's something a music lover realizes listening old vinyls and CDs, or even new videos. One knows when the sound is special or not. 
I'm not fond on sound recording, technics or any of these. I'm just a radio listener and I like this. I realize what they say is trueth; like what I have thought for this last decade. There are many kind of new stuff there, but they do not remain the same. 

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