14 de agosto de 2015

2ª Parte: Music as an Alter Ars

My first blog post was in Spanish and it explained how Classical Music could be a new passion, as well as a kind of educative tool for anyone with some level of knowledge in music. I think nowadays, when we have reached some level of culture with some people which cannot access easily Classical Music, but, at the same time, is able to choose a varied kind of musical videos but with no explanation of what they are listening to or what kind of music they are watching (whether it is jazz, pop, rock, soul or any kind of a new piece of rap)this class of video can be the perfect solution.
I think old and new forms will reach each other and mix, not in form but in the net, like we can see a video about sciences or making a cake for a host.
In arts and culture in general, I think we should not give up and continue helping others, like children, other cultures and elders, for music (and Classical music in this case) is a divine art which is being substituted by common everyday noises.
We are human beings, so let's take a role and participate in this adventure, even if we are scientists, ITs, teachers, cleaners, taxi drivers, writers, unemployed, students, housewives, doctors, but, above all, web users. Spreading good music through the net, will help improve education and people's knowlegde, just like radio did in the past years.

Wim Winters' explanatory class.

Entrada destacada

Suzi 4, The Rolling Stones and Totalitarism.

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