19 de abril de 2014

Love Matters.

Love Matters... For it is a thing of more than four: I've recently watched a cartoons video from Gestalt Therapies where a man's brain is divided into two. The one in the right is the sensitive part and the one in the left is the reasonable, logical part of our brain. Then, tiny blue and red toys work in the general control room. Blue for reason, red for logic. Scientifically, It is false, for the woman in the film does not have any cartoons in her mind, and ends up the cartoon with the sentence 'I want to have a family' or something alike.
Gender or even sex doesn't always matter. There is also chemistry, and it is nowadays demonstrated that our brain is not 'divided' into two. We've got lots of areas, and some injured persons are still able to do some things , though they have some parts of their brains injured. That's why new brain cells should be discovered and regenerated. That is why the famous illness called 'Alzheimer' must be stopped, together with other main diseases all over the world -no matter what condition, universal health!-

Entrada destacada

Suzi 4, The Rolling Stones and Totalitarism.

Last September, I was looking for some good music to listen to, when I heard something I was fascinated for: What it was? It sounded like...