18 de diciembre de 2015

Poem: "Clowns"

Hated clowns; betrayal!
Bells and false happy snoozes from behind the walls,
Hated, artificial parties; then a long calm.

Desition, rhythm in the clock,
You own the money, you own 'control'.

I must, you must: Obey!
No laws, no rules but to obey,
When your only rule is to do your own way:
To waste time, money and your own sounds,
The use of what you call 'freedom', your shouts,
Ironies, lies and mixed thoughts in a few poor words,
Words that I cannot hear any more!

December 2015.

Entrada destacada

Suzi 4, The Rolling Stones and Totalitarism.

Last September, I was looking for some good music to listen to, when I heard something I was fascinated for: What it was? It sounded like...