23 de agosto de 2016

Wim Winters and the clavichord.

Mr Winters has personally ask their followers to write an essay about how they met him and tell about everything they wanted to via e-mail, for he is thinking to write a CD-Book next Christmas. I think it is an excellent idea, for Winters's main idea was to publish new records of his masterpieces.

I did not know who Mr Winters was until I watched his videos on Youtube. Before that, I was looking for some good music to concentrate in my studying.
I remembered that Bach's famous Fugue on Clavichord was a useful piece for concentration and that it existed on that instrument. I used to look for it in Spotify, but most of the results were piano pieces and I did not find what I was looking for.
When I found Wim Winters' music, I recognize I watched it just for pleasure and like Art itself.
Sometimes, he performed a concert in the clavichord and it made me felt astonished at what I was watching for the level of quality I thought it had. Then, there were some of his explanatory classes, when I realized that a piece could be done of different ways, deppending on the manner of playing the keys of the clavichord. I found it sounded delicious.
I actually like a lots of music, not only Classical or oldies (though I have a special sensibility for some of them) but I listen to rock, rock'and'roll, new styles, folk, pop, and my style is not fixed to the Classical music only, so this is why I appreciate what Mr Winters does more.
Nevertheless, his work has also something to do with Modern Literature, somehow: I've realized he had some sudden different ideas of the partita and related with the performance. he mixes them all, but then makes a serious notorious speech about the main theme, so One understands it, though, at first, it could seem to be difficult. I think this has to do with the art of teaching and some kind of passion for what he is doing. That is a strong feeling, indeed.
When I watch to his videos or when I listen to his clear and somehow up-to-date Classical music, I feel like if he touchs every group of notes on the pentagram. It is like when I imagined traveling in time and space one day I listened carefully to three or four of his oevres. That was like year, but I remember it like if it was today. It is the use of the space, the air, the essence of the old days what makes his music so special to the listeners, which are not a big amount, so one is able to catch the esssence of the clavichord, again, like it was perhaps in those ancient times... Isn't music something special? I think it is. Anyone can listen to it or can hear it, but it takes its time. That is what I felt listening to Wim Winters, a true artist.

I have chosen Beethoven Sonata 'Pathetique,' Opus 13. I know it will sound strong and somehow not easy for some ears, but I like to listen to it for it sounds different, original and new to me. I was actually very tired of the piano and quick performances, so I'm sorry for the most 'puritans,' let's say.

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